Forget About Traffic and Start Using Content to Drive Leads and Sales

July 8, 2020
Sandro Meyer
Content Marketing

So much of the content that I see out there is written with the sole intent of getting more people to your website. It's SEO optimized and brings in a ton of traffic. But is that traffic part of your target group? How much of this additional traffic is actually resulting in more of the right customers?

Jimmy Dali from Animalz has a theory:

"There is a disconnect between content and sales teams—one that creates an invisible barrier between writers and readers. When content is ideated, written, edited, and published in a vacuum, it can support traffic, but it will almost definitely not support sales."

This is why we want people to start thinking about Bottom-of-the-Funnel Thought Leadership content. Content that addresses pressing challenges that your company can actually solve and content that tells people how to think, not what to do.

How you can start:

  1. Make your content team sit together with your salespeople and make an inventory of the topics and challenges that come up most often.
  2. Send your content people to listen in on sales calls. If a topic comes up more than three times in a sales call, it deserves a blog post.
  3. Make sure your sales team is aware of the new content AND uses your bottom-of-funnel thought leadership content to close deals.

I have seen this issue coming up over and over in previous jobs. Your traffic increases, your SQLs do not. This is one of the main reasons. Your Sales and your content team need to talk!

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