Your Growth is Slowing Down and You Don't Know Why

Let's figure out where your growth bottlenecks are and put together an action plan based on real data, not gut feeling. Then go and execute it

Companies I've supported:

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GrowthBay is ideal if…

…your company has reached product market fit (PMF) but growth has slowed down

...tactics that used to work in the past don't seem to work anymore

…you are under pressure to provide more leads, trials, revenue or CAGR or lower your CAC

…you have funding but don't know where to invest it best

Hi, I'm Kevin

I'm a former Head of Marketing & Product and I've spent the last 4 years being the growth co-pilot for startups and established B2B frontrunners.

Ever since leading a cross-functional growth team of 7, I knew what I wanted to do: Build systems that predictably help companies grow.

Create more pipeline with healthy unit economics

Grow with a  repeatable system and not with random tactics or hacks

Uncover Growth Blockers

Learn exactly what's not working and where you're pouring money down the drain

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Build Foundations for Growth

Get your analytics, attribution and team straight and set up a system to track your growth

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Capture Existing Demand

Build a lead machine and convert more in-market buyers into revenue

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Create New Demand

Raise awareness of problems and educate out-of-market buyers through quality content

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What I can help with

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Acquisition Channels

Review your acquisition channels and find out how well they drive free trials, signups and revenue and at what cost

Website and Funnels

Assess how well your web traffic is captured and converted and where the main bottlenecks in your funnel are

KPI, Analytics and Tracking

Review what metrics you use to quantify your success and figure out where you have blind spots

Pattern Recognition

Recognize what's stopping you from growing. Compile a list of all identified issues


Rank core issues based on factors like time to ROI, scalability, revenue or cost saving potential

Growth Roadmap and Goal Setting

Derive objectives, key results and initiatives. Compile most important KPIs to quantify each goal

Budgeting and Resources

Determine ongoing budget and resources needed for effective execution of the identified growth levers

Hire or Outsource

Staff the right talent to get the job done or bring my own network of growth specialists on board


Implement a growth operating system, coordinate stakeholders, track key KPIs and run the growth process

Pipeline and Conversions

Get your landing pages and funnels to convert at a higher rate and get more demos or transactions

Channel Management

Coordinate effective implementation of paid ads and SEO strategies to drive business results

User Research

Figure out where and why the website falls short and determine how to improve the user experience

Messaging and ICP

Tear down page copy, identify the voice of your customers and re-write your website messaging

In-depth acquisition channel audit

We’ll review your acquisition channels and find out how well they drive free trials, signups and revenue and at what cost. We’ll compare your inbound and outbound efforts head-to-head

Full-funnel growth
marketing sprints

Channel Management

Get quality leads from channels like Google Ads, LinkedIn and SEO and drive down CAC

Growth Marketing

Grow your company based on data analysis and experimentation

Landing Page Optimization

Convert more of your hard-earned website users into qualified leads

Data Analytics

Build an infrastructure where you can trust your data to drive business decisions

Your growth.
My focus

Working with me means working with someone who speaks your language. No matter if you're a technical founder, numbers-driven CEO or performance-oriented marketer - chances are I've worked with someone like you before

I speak German, Swiss German and English

You get access to sought-after UX, dev and channel experts

I only work with max. 3 clients at a time

What some of my customers
say about our collaboration

GrowthBay has a track record of doing and really lead the way. We gained a clear vision on what to do next and what to focus on. We've improved the quantity and especially the quality of the inbound deals that are coming in

– Tobias Giger

Co-CEO, Product & Ops

Having GrowthBay as a sparring partner provides the kind of expert perspective that can only come from someone who has insight into many types of businesses. Very insightful, analytical, well read, and clear about how to pursue and measure growth initiatives

– Michael Tomsett

VP Digital Business

In our journey to sustainable growth, with GrowthBay we learned to better understand the market, introduce the right B2B sales & marketing automation tools and adopt a growth mindset

– Karin Bührer

Head of Marketing

Thanks to GrowthBay's help, we managed to scale the audience of the Founder's Story from 14 attendees in the first episode to a monthly returning community of +200 attendees. The event series has been so successful that we now can scale the format to Berlin

– Hans Tran

Industry Lead Digital Native

In it for the long game

So we'll play a little differently

We're partners not suppliers

Your success is my success. I'm not a "Yes Man". If something doesn't make sense to me, I'll tell you and ask questions

Providing what you need

I won't sell you services that you don't need. There are no employees on my payroll that I have to staff and sell their hours

Driven by results, not egos

Helping your company win is my target. So we'll prioritize testing, shipping and learning from data over ego-driven decisions

Focus and immersion

During our time together I'm a sponge. The more I know about your company and customers the better I can help

Systems over Hacks

Growth hacks or random tactics may have brought you here. Now it’s time to scale. Systems and processes will get you there

Following the money

Pragmatism at heart, we focus on short-term wins first to earn the breathing-room for the longer-term, big growth levers

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