Growth Leadership Show #11: Liam Boogar - Mastering The First 90 Days
As A New Marketing Leaders

August 19, 2021
Sandro Meyer
Growth Leadership Podcast

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About the guest

Liam Boogar is the VP of marketing at Scaleway, a cloud infrastructure provider. Previous to that, he led brand and marketing teams at 360learning MadKudu and Algolia.

In this episode, Liam talks about the importance of those first 90 days in a new marketing role, including establishing credibility when you are still learning the ropes, coaching your team as individuals, and identifying burnout.

Topics Discussed

  • 04:34 Establishing credibility in a new role
  • 06:42 - Why you should never try and change the website first
  • 11:28 - Getting clear on your team road map
  • 20:54 - Communicating your vision as a leader
  • 23:53 - Coaching marketing teams
  • 25:09 - Being dispassionate about the output but passionate about the process
  • 30:47 - Growing as an individual as fast as the company is growing
  • 47:01 - Listening to and acknowledging your team members 
  • 48:45 - Liam discusses his leadership newsletter
  • 51:47 - Identifying your own burnout
  • 56:42 - Seeing burnout in someone else


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