Growth Leadership Show #8: Jimmy Daly - How Content Drives Revenue

June 3, 2021
Sandro Meyer
Growth Leadership Podcast

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Jimmy Daly is the founder and CEO of SuperPath, a career hub, and community created specifically for content marketers. Formerly he was VP of growth at the content marketing agency, Animalz.Since starting SuperPath, Jimmy has had to wear lots of hats, but he’s still all about content.

During our conversation, we talked about his transition from content and growth manager to founding his own business and what he’s learned along the way.

Check out: SuperPath

Topics Discussed

03:47 - The #1 Meta skill for Marketers

05:40 - Experimenting with User Generated Content

12:36 - Using Customer Research to Identify What Content to Produce

17:32 - Creating Content Based on the User Journey

20:56 - Creation vs. Distribution of Content

29:36 - Identifying Holes in your Skillset

41:41 - What Jimmy has Learned Throughout his Career

50:24 - Sharing Your Mistakes

Resources Mentioned


Website: SuperPath


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