The Growth Leadership Show #6 - David Arnoux: The Essentials Principles For A Successful Marketing Career

April 27, 2021
Sandro Meyer
Growth Leadership Podcast


The Growth Leadership Podcast

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David Arnoux is the co-founder and head of growth at GrowthTribe, Europe's first Academy focused on growth marketing. David is a marketing expert and serial entrepreneur, and throughout his career, he has helped more than 500 companies implement their growth strategies.


Topics Discussed

01:32 - Your Product Reflects How You See the World

15:02 - Meta Skills of Successful Growth Leaders

15:27 - Mental Model of First Principle Thinking

17:22 - Understanding What’s Happening in Other Departments

18:21 - Everyone is Just Winging It

22:54 - Moving Away From Short-Term Goals

23:42 - The Productivity Pyramid

39:02 - How You Can Change the Mindset of a Whole Company

47:53 - Staying Curious and Being a Lifelong Learner

59:40 - Employee Retention

01:05:00 - Recommended Resources for Growing Your Marketing Career


People Mentioned

Ray Dalio

Carlota Perez


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