GLC #14 with Christopher Lochhead: On Radical Differentiation and Creating Your Own Category

October 14, 2021
Sandro Meyer
Growth Leadership Podcast

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About the guest

Chris Lochhead is the leading voice in the field of category design and radical differentiation. He’s also the co-author of two Amazon bestselling books on the topic called Niche Down and Play Bigger.

Topics Discussed

  • What is category creation
  • How can a company differentiate itself
  • Dealing with a boss who doesn’t believe in radical differentiation
  • The distinction between missionaries and mercenaries in business
  • Category creation for small businesses
  • Focus on one thing and be the best at it
  • Category designers change the world to their image
  • The hero's journey and how you tell a brand story
  • Why people love change and how you can capitalize on it


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