Growth Leadership Show #5: Chris Walker, Founder & CEO at Refine Labs

September 10, 2020
Sandro Meyer
Growth Leadership Podcast

My guest for this episode is Chris Walker, the CEO and Founder of Refine Labs, an agency helping SaaS startups and SME's on B2B Revenue Operations & Growth.

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Topics Covered

00:00 - How Chris does LinkedIn Marketing
02:30 - Chris’ Four Learnings That Propelled his Career
06:32 - Customer Research for Marketers
11:14 - Quantity vs. Quality of Leads
17:22 - How to Align Marketing with Sales
20:05 - How to Align Marketing with Product
27:10 - Reporting to Management
30:06 - How to convince execs of brand marketing
32:31 - Using Paid Ads to Boost Content
34:13 - Strategy when Starting from Scratch
38:53 - Advice For Up and Coming Marketers
41:01 - Meta Skills for Marketers
43:12 - Building a B2B Marketing Team from Scratch
46:02 - Content Creation vs. Content Distribution
49:35 - Marketing Education
53:32 - When to hire an agency / consultancy

Resources Mentioned

- (Sales Tool)
- State of Demand Podcast



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