The Growth Leadership Show #4 - Ben Harmanus on Building Resilience and Learning to Fail

March 24, 2021
Sandro Meyer
Growth Leadership Podcast



The Growth Leadership Podcast

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Ben Harmanus is Head of Brand Marketing EMEA at HubSpot, set up and hosts HubSpot's Digital Helpdesk podcast, and co-authored the best-selling conversion book, Content Design.

Ben took me back to his Hubspot early days and explains how a combination of resilience and determination enabled him to get the podcast off the ground despite his colleague's initial reservations.

In a previous life, Ben was heavily engaged in extreme sports and explains how that has shaped his thoughts about failure.


Topics Discussed

01:23 - Early Days at Hubspot

04:40 - Representing Women in Tech

05:51 - Accepting Challenges and Creating Opportunities

12:61 - Helping People to Work From Home

14:31 - How to Gauge the Success of a Podcast

19:30 - Ways to Improve the Podcast Experience

29:34 - Choosing Sustainability Over Price

40:51 - Learning to Fail

57:45 - Helping Others Succeed

1:07:59 - Using Coaches to Improve Yourself

1:14:01 - Working as a Team








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