We’ve been there...

The two of us have spent a collective 12 years in the trenches building and growing digital products and services. We have experienced the struggles and obstacles that come up along the way. So we aim to be your sparring partner as we build out your growth system together.

The creativity to strategize and the discipline to execute.

That’s what we stand for.

Kevin Sturm - GrowthBay
Kevin Sturm

Product Marketing & Analytics

"Achieving rapid growth in a high-pressure environment requires good research and systematic trial and error in both product AND marketing. I've learned this lesson while setting up and leading an interdisciplinary growth team revamping and optimizing Switzerland's biggest platform for booking therapists online.

If you want to skip the guessing and wasting money part and start sustainably growing through research driven experimentation, I'd love to hear from you!"

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Sandro Meyer

Content Strategy & Lead Gen

"I have in-the-trenches experience from building, leading and scaling two startup marketing teams from the ground up. During my tenure at Apple, I also picked up the corporate way of doing things, which made me a pragmatic strategist. If you'd like to talk Growth Strategy, Content Marketing or Lead Generation, I'm your man" 🙌

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...and partner with the best in the business

Over the years, we’ve built a vast network of talented people all over the world. Whether you need a front end developer, facebook advertising specialist, a convincing copywriter or a talented designer, we build our systems with the people who’ve proven to excel at their craft.

You just got yourself a full stack marketing team at your disposal.